Foto: Marius Nergård Pettersen

At Sota Sæter DNT we thrive on giving ouer guest memorable experiences in historical and unique sorroundings. Sota Sæter is a more than 100 years old "sæter" or summer dairy, it is no longer operational as a summer dairy, but our nearest neighbours in addition to the mountains and river are the cows right across the road.They are all friendly and love eating grass through the fence.

Sota Sæter is made up of ten unique and traditional Norwegian buildings surrounding the yard. This is a perfect place to spend a couple of days participating in the many different activities the lodge has to offer, exploring the amazing nature that surrounds us or just relaxing at the lodge.

There are many hikingtrails in close proximity of the lodge, the trails vary from easy to very demanding, but there are choices for every skill level, from the younger kids to the more experienced hikers.

At the lodge we offer traditional and area specific cuisine, we incorporate as much local produce in our cuisine as we can, we even serve local bottled beer.  

DNT works with the Ministry og Agriculture and Food to promote local cuisines and traditions at the staffed lodges.


 Sota Sæter has 86 bunks in one-bunk, two-bunk, four-bunk and seven-bunk rooms as well as a dormitory. Most of the rooms share bathroomfacilities either located within the same building or at the communal sanitary facilities at the main lodge.

Some of the rooms has a sink with running cold water.



Sota Sæter is open during the norwegian winter holiday (weeks 8 and 9), the week before easter and easter, from medio june until medio september, and during the norwegian christmas holiday.

Extended stays of two days or more may be booked directly to the lodge sota@dntoslo.no in season, bookings made directly to the lodge will contain food and board, drinks and activities are not included (see prices for fullpensjon ikke medlem).

Sota Sæter is not a self-service cabin and will therefore be closed during the off seasons.

Summer access:

There is an all-year road all the way to Sota Sæter. By car, drive E6 through the Gudbrands Valley to Otta, onward on National Road 15 to Lom, thereafter past Bismo to Dønfoss bru and then follow the signs towards Sota Sæter.

During the summer, you can take the bus from Oslo to Otta/Lom, or you can take the train from Oslo to Otta

From Otta, there's a bus to Dønfoss bru (SKJÅK),  from Dønfoss you can hire a taxi to Sota Sæter (remember to book the taxi two hours before departure to Sota Sæter).

Taxi information Skjåk: Skjåk Taxi tlf: +47 95 95 09 40

On selected days, there is corresponding taxi service from Bismo to Sota Sæter with the bus 501 from Otta, here prices are equal to those of the bus. See bus 501.

Please contact us for further details: sota@dntoslo.no.

Winter access:

 At Easter, there's a DNT charter bus from Oslo.

You can drive to Otta and onward to Lom and Skjåk and in the Bråtå valley to Sota Sæter, same roadinstructions as in the summer, however drivingconditions in Norway during the winter may be challenging, please contact the lodge for information about roadconditions.