Welcome to Sota Sæter
Open Feb 18 - 27, weekends and April 10 - 18.
Foto: Eivind Haugstad Kleiven

At Sota Sæter DNT we provide our guests with a remarkable experience in one of Norway’s most beautiful regions. While Sæter (meaning “summer dairy”) comes from our long history as a traditional dairy farm, we now operate solely as a vacation lodge which specializes in outdoor adventures. If dairy cows are what you hoped to see then you may still do so as our neighbors have a large host of friendly animals that can be seen from the road to greet you upon your arrival. 

Sota Sæter is made up of ten unique, yet traditional Norwegian buildings spread out across the vast property. This is the perfect place to spend a long getaway from the chaotic outside world or even just a weekend participating in the many different activities the lodge has to offer. These include guided big game hunting, white water rafting, canyoning, and hiking the beautiful mountain ranges which surround our lodge on both sides.  The nearby towns, Skjåk and Lom, also have many famous restaurants and shops to explore as well. 

We don’t just cater to the professionals. All of our activities are family friendly and the difficulty level of any adventure can be adjusted for children too. There is something for everyone here at Sota Sæter. 

We work closely with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food to promote local cuisines and traditions at the lodge in order to provide you with a delicious taste of Norway at every meal. You will also find a vast selection of local beers and wines to choose from in addition to the more popular brands. 


Our family operated lodge has 86 beds with dozens of rooms set up to accommodate parties up to seven. Most of the rooms share bathroom facilities located within the same building as well as multiple lounges that are fully furnished with fire places for you to relax and unwind after a fun filled day. 


Sota Sæter is open early February to November. 

How to book your stay:

You may book your stay at the lodge by contacting us at sota@dnt.no. Your stay will include complimentary breakfast and dinner service (alcoholic beverages are available at the bar and are charged separately). 

Please note that walking through our scenic neighborhoods and enjoying the fresh mountain air is included, but all adventure sports are charged separately and pricing depends on group size and your required accommodations. If you plan to participate in any of the activities we offer, please be sure to let us know upon booking your room! 


​​​​​​​Prices 2022

Summer access: 

There is an all-year road all the way to Sota Sæter. By car, drive E6 through the Gudbrands Valley to Otta, proceed on National Road 15 to Lom, then past Bismo to Dønfoss bru and follow the signs towards Sota Sæter. 

You can take the bus from Oslo to Otta/Lom, or you can take the train from Oslo to Otta. From Otta, there's a bus to Dønfoss bru (SKJÅK), and from Dønfoss you can hire a taxi to Sota Sæter (remember to book the taxi two hours before departure to Sota Sæter). 

Taxi information Skjåk: Skjåk Taxi tlf: +47 95 95 09 40 

On certain days, there is also a taxi service from Bismo to Sota Sæter with the 501 bus from Otta. 

Please feel free to contact us for more information at sota@dnt.no

Winter access: 

At Easter, there is a DNT charter bus from Oslo. 

You can drive through Otta, Lom and Skjåk in the Bråtå valley to Sota Sæter. 

Please be aware that driving conditions in the winter may be challenging, feel free to contact the lodge for up to date information about road conditions. Drive Safe