Foto: Marius Nergård Pettersen

Sota Sæter is fondly remembered by many who have been there. More than 100 years old, it originally was a working seter, or summer dairy, and now consists of ten buildings around a courtyard, with a warm, sheltered ambience. It's a fine place to spend a few days. The lodge offers good cuisine, nature trails and culture trails for hikers of all ages.


 Sota Sæter has 86 bunks in one-bunk, two-bunk, four-bunk and six-bunk rooms as well as a dormitory. It comprises ten buildings around a courtyard.


Sota Sæter is open at Easter and in the summer.

Extended stays of two days or more may be booked directly at the lodge in season Board and lodging prices for stays of three days or more. In off season, contact the hosts to book stays. There's no self-service cabin at Sota Sæter, so the lodge is closed in off season.

Local food is part of the experience

The lodge serves local cuisine, based on local ingredients and traditions or on foods supplied by local vendors. DNT works with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food to promote local cuisines and traditions at the staffed lodges.

Summer access:

There's a road all the way to Sota Sæter. By car, drive E6 through the Gudbrands Valley to Otta, onward on National Road 15 to Lom, thereafter past Bismo to Dønfoss bru and in to Sota Sæter. In summer, there's a daily bus NX146 from Oslo to Otta/Lom. From Otta, there's a bus to Dønfoss bru, you can take a taxi from Dønfoss. On selected days, there is corresponding taxi service from Bismo to Sota Sæter with the bus 501 from Otta, here prices are equal to those of the bus. See bus 501.

Please contact us for further details: sotaseter@turistforeningen.no.

Winter access:

 At Easter, there's a DNT charter bus from Oslo. You can drive to Otta and onward to Lom and Skjåk and in the Bråtå valley to Sota Sæter.